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New CO Congrats to eddie05 with his new role as Commanding Officer.

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Welcome to the 13th - A Gaming Community

Salute and welcome to the 13th Infantry Regiment, a gaming community whose roots started with the online game: Battleground Europe.

The formation of the 13th came about after a group of friends met 'in-game' whilst playing together in one of the oldest squads on the Allied side. Deciding that they wanted to attempt things differently, the men created a squad called The Queens Royal Regiment (QRR) with the philosphophy of creating a fun gaming environment above all else. After a short time, for numerous reasons (good and bad), the QRR split into various groups. Former members went their own separate ways, with a few joining the High Command and completing 'tours of duty' on both the Allied and Axis sides.

However in June 2007, Dave (a founder member of the QRR) decided enough was enough and decided to claw back some enjoyment and fun into the game by creating the 13th Infantry Regiment. At the start of July 2007, Poker (the former Commanding Officer of the QRR) took control of the Regiment with the aims of strengthening the core values and creating an exciting new future for both new and old members alike.

The 13th Infantry Regiment developed even further in early September 2007 when they joined the AHC ORBAT and aligned themselves with the new Parachute Division, becoming the first Regiment in the 2nd Paratroop Brigade. The Regiment currently have two serving High Commanders in the Brigade, with an aim to ensure that the the 13th are always represented at Allied Command level.

The start of 2008 saw two major changes within the Regiment: The main change being that Poker moved aside from the position of Commanding Officer and 'passed the baton' on to Khbigjoe after his objectives of strengthening and growth had been achieved.

Consisiting of over 150 members from all timezones, the 13th Infantry is a Regiment thats main objectives are to play together, enjoy their gaming time and 'to be the difference that makes the difference...'

Our language may sometimes be 'colourful', our humour may sometimes be 'black', but our intentions are always those for the best of our members.

Welcome to the 13th Infantry Regiment... for Grown Men Who Should Know Better!